This week’s learning


This week we have used maps to locate where in the world the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings came from. We also found out more about who they were and we were given clues to help us work out some of the reasons why they invaded Britain. We ended the week in Science looking at how exercise effects the body. We thought about how the Vikings exercised to keep themselves ready for battle. We then had a go at some of those exercises as well. We found that we were really tired after!


We have continued our work with place value and have been adding 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s to 4 digit numbers. We have used Gattegno charts and counters to help us answer questions practically.

Stars of the Week

Polo class – AMILLAH

Cousteau class – IMAAN

Seacole class – ALICE

We would also like to say a huge well done to TALIAH-TIFFANY in SEACOLE class for her amazing achievement of placing 2nd nationally in the Mathletics Hall of Fame.



This half term we are asking the children to produce a project. The project will run over the half-term. Children will have the choice of three different projects to do:

Build a model of a Viking longhouse using recycled materials.


Create a presentation about Invaded Britain, detailing all the facts you know. You will then present it to the class.


Make a Viking collage showing all the things you have learned.

Any questions please ask your child’s class teacher.


During the school week children will have the opportunity to practise their times table. On Friday they will be tested. So please help them learn their times tables, as quick recall of the times tables is the foundation for maths and will assist your child to become a member of club 144.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS)

In GPS we will be revisiting the possessive apostrophe with singular proper nouns e.g. Claudia’s hat, looking at homophones and near-homophones e.g. weather/whether, whose/who’s and practising different strategies to help learn words from the Year3/4 list as well as words children find personally challenging . The Year3/4 spelling list can be found at the front of the ‘Home School Liaison’ books.

Topic homework is due in on Monday 11th October 2019.

The expectation is that children read every day. ‘Home School Liaison’ books will be checked every day for either children’s or adult comments. Please sign each week to show your child is reading at home.

This week’s learning


This week we began our new topic ‘Invaded Britain’. We learned a few things about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, including key events that happened throughout their history. We created a timeline that showed these. We also used maps to locate the seven kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon Britain.


W began work on number and place value by comparing and ordering 4 digit numbers. We also partitioned 4 digit numbers into thousands, hundreds tens and ones.

Stars of the week

Polo class – Khalib

Cousteau class – Devinia

Seacole class – Ree-Onceay