For our next topic, we will be looking at the Water Cycle. Over the half term, we would like you to do some research on the Water Cycle and record what you find.


During the school week, children will have the opportunity to practise their times tables. On Friday they will be tested, so please help them learn their times tables. Quick recall of the times tables is the foundation for maths and will assist your child to become a member of club 144. In addition to this, children should be accessing their Mathletics every day and completing the activities set for them.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS)

Each week at school, we learn new spelling rules and practise strategies to help the children learn the spelling of words so they are prepared to complete a dictation on Friday mornings. To help them further, we ask that they practise the words in the Year 3/4 spelling list at home. The children have extra spellings that they need to practise over the half term in their homework books. They will be checked the first Tuesday morning back.


The expectation is that children read every day. ‘Home School Liaison’ books will be checked after the half term for either children’s or adult’s comments. Please sign each week to show your child is reading at home.