Hello everyone,

This one is for the children – so parents, please allow your children to read this post or read it to them.

We hope you have had a good day so far and that you’ve managed to do some learning.

Us teachers wanted to remind you that if you go onto Joe Wick’s (the body coach) YouTube channel every day at 9am from Monday to Friday, you can follow an exercise video. I had a go at this myself this morning (Miss McEvilly typing here!) and it was really tiring but it got me going! They say that exercise releases endorphins which help you to feel energised so this is a great way to start your day!

Finally, remember that as daunting and scary as this may seem, this situation is only temporary. Before you know it, we will all be back to normal. To help you feel more relaxed, try some light exercise or yoga- trust me, it will help to relax you. Have a bubble bath or just go outside and get some fresh air- whilst still maintaining distance between you and anyone outside your family. If you do go out with your family, don’t go on any play equipment as these will be sadly riddled with germs.

Remember- we are still your teachers, we are still here and we will be eager to see you again when we all get back to normal. Don’t forget to do your maths, writing and reading every day and to keep active! (Miss Gomez will want to know that you’ve mastered your times tables by the time you get back- you better start practising!).

One of us will update this blog fairly regularly so make sure you keep an eye out!

Stay healthy and happy and keep washing your hands for 20 seconds!

The Year 4 team 🙂 (Picture in case you’ve gotten who we are! ♥ ↓)