Hi everyone!

Here we will update the blog with a tip of the day for each upcoming day so please keep tuned!

Friday 27th March: Stay active in whatever way you can. Whether this is in the form of following a Joe Wick’s (bodycoach) PE video, doing some star jumps in your living room or going out for a brisk walk every day. Staying active will help you to feel energised and will uplift your mood so do try to get some exercise into your daily routine!

Saturday 28th March: Please make sure that you are completing your Mathletics daily. Tasks will be set every day so do check in daily. Also as it is sunny and the weather is set to change, take advantage of this and get outside (keeping your 2M distance) and make the most of it. We all need a bit of fresh air to keep us feeling calm in these difficult times. Tune in tomorrow for another tip!

Sunday 29th March:

A tip for this week coming! Start the week with a positive. Get your Mathletics done, do some reading, do a science experiment and write up- whatever it might be, be proud of what you have achieved and keep going!