Monday 30th March:

Morning everyone! We hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and you are enjoying the extra time you have to spend with your families. Our tip for today is to start a diary. Every day, write down one fun thing you’ve done at home or maybe something you have achieved- like finally mastering your 8 or 9 times tables! When we get back to school, we will all be excited for you to share what you have been up to at home! Have a good day! 🤗

Tuesday 31st March:

Today we would normally have had music with Mr Fisher. So, can you remember the songs that you learnt since September? Why not try singing them to your siblings or your parents or even a pet? Cousteau would have also had P.E, so everyone make sure you get some outside activity in today, even if it’s just a quick run, walk or cycle!

Wednesday 1st April:

No tip for you today…April Fools!

Here’s your April Fools challenge! Write a leaflet or a poster explaining how to trick someone in a friendly April Fools joke! Use diagrams (pictures), colours and facts about April Fools- where did the tradition start? When did it all begin? Why do we do it? Then give some examples as if you were writing to a younger you perhaps! Have fun!

Thursday 2nd April: Times Tables

Today we want you to practise your times tables. Focus on the times tables that you find the most challenging. By the end of the year you need to be confident with and be able to rapidly recall your times tables all the way up to 12 x 12. Get your parents to test you. Make up games or songs to help you remember or use flash cards. Enjoy!

Further update: Please spread the word that mathletics will be updated daily from now on and that it is an expectation that children complete these as much as possible in order to minimise any gaps in their learning. Thank you so much for your continued efforts in this difficult time. If you know of parents who cannot access the blog, please spread the word of this message to them. Any issues with mathletics- please call the office staff at school and Miss McEvilly can help in anyway she can.

Friday 3rd April

Well done to those children who have completed their mathletics. Please spend twenty minutes today completing the tasks. Tomorrow, they will be set again and we all expect each child to have completed them. Many thanks.