Home learning for Easter Holidays


Use this link to access the Whiterose maths home learning website.


There are five lessons to complete. You can use the tutorial videos to help you. We recommend that you complete one lesson a day.

Your ten Mathletics activities are reset each week so make sure you complete them. You should aim to spend no more than 20 minutes on Mathletics a day.

Use this link below to find some fun, interactive games to help you with your times tables. You should practise your times tables once a day.


Here are some arithmetic questions to complete:

7 + ___ = 10

23, 26, 29, ___, ___, ___

47 + 19 =

10, 104 – 1000 =

6400 = ___ x 10

100 = 64 + ___

Round 179 to the nearest 100

Double 18

2456 + 1092 =

4501 – 2933 =


Before school closed, we were planning a persuasive leaflet to persuade the reader to conserve water. We discussed why water is essential, why we should conserve our fresh water and ways that we can conserve it, such as turning the taps off when brushing your teeth.

Over the holidays, we would like you to write this persuasive leaflet, including those of you who began it at school. You can conduct your own research to help you write this and write it into the format of an actual leaflet. Remember to include model verbs, such as ‘should’, ‘can’, ‘will’. Try to make your leaflet both informative and colourful.


We would like you to choose a chapter book to read. Try to read for at least 20 minutes a day. After you have read the first chapter, create some of your own retrieval questions (questions where the answer is in the text). You can ask a grown up or sibling to have a go at your questions.


Complete the Joe Wicks workout from YouTube. We will be testing your fitness levels when we get back to school so get yourself ready! To make it fun, get your whole family involved.


Look at the symbols which relate to Easter. Select which symbol you think is the most important and explain your reasons why.

  1. Eggs
  2. Rabbits
  3. Hot cross buns
  4. Easter basket
  5. Easter candles
  6. Easter lamb
  7. Palm branches
  8. The cross


In our Art sessions, we have looked at and used different sketching techniques: hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, scumbling, blending, shading and bold and light outlines.

We would like you to use these techniques to sketch an object in your house or garden, e.g. a bowl of fruit, a tree.


Our next topic is ‘Raging Romans’. This is where we learn all about the Roman Empire. We would like you to begin by conducting your own research. Use the link below to read up on the ancient Romans and watch interesting clips.


From April 20th, we will be updating the blog with your work for the next week every week. Please try to stick to the amount that has been set and complete the activities. You should spend no more than 30 minutes on each subject. Keep well and stay safe.

W.B.30/03 Tips!

Monday 30th March:

Morning everyone! We hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and you are enjoying the extra time you have to spend with your families. Our tip for today is to start a diary. Every day, write down one fun thing you’ve done at home or maybe something you have achieved- like finally mastering your 8 or 9 times tables! When we get back to school, we will all be excited for you to share what you have been up to at home! Have a good day! 🤗

Tuesday 31st March:

Today we would normally have had music with Mr Fisher. So, can you remember the songs that you learnt since September? Why not try singing them to your siblings or your parents or even a pet? Cousteau would have also had P.E, so everyone make sure you get some outside activity in today, even if it’s just a quick run, walk or cycle!

Wednesday 1st April:

No tip for you today…April Fools!

Here’s your April Fools challenge! Write a leaflet or a poster explaining how to trick someone in a friendly April Fools joke! Use diagrams (pictures), colours and facts about April Fools- where did the tradition start? When did it all begin? Why do we do it? Then give some examples as if you were writing to a younger you perhaps! Have fun!

Thursday 2nd April: Times Tables

Today we want you to practise your times tables. Focus on the times tables that you find the most challenging. By the end of the year you need to be confident with and be able to rapidly recall your times tables all the way up to 12 x 12. Get your parents to test you. Make up games or songs to help you remember or use flash cards. Enjoy!

Further update: Please spread the word that mathletics will be updated daily from now on and that it is an expectation that children complete these as much as possible in order to minimise any gaps in their learning. Thank you so much for your continued efforts in this difficult time. If you know of parents who cannot access the blog, please spread the word of this message to them. Any issues with mathletics- please call the office staff at school and Miss McEvilly can help in anyway she can.

Friday 3rd April

Well done to those children who have completed their mathletics. Please spend twenty minutes today completing the tasks. Tomorrow, they will be set again and we all expect each child to have completed them. Many thanks.

Tips of the day!

Hi everyone!

Here we will update the blog with a tip of the day for each upcoming day so please keep tuned!

Friday 27th March: Stay active in whatever way you can. Whether this is in the form of following a Joe Wick’s (bodycoach) PE video, doing some star jumps in your living room or going out for a brisk walk every day. Staying active will help you to feel energised and will uplift your mood so do try to get some exercise into your daily routine!

Saturday 28th March: Please make sure that you are completing your Mathletics daily. Tasks will be set every day so do check in daily. Also as it is sunny and the weather is set to change, take advantage of this and get outside (keeping your 2M distance) and make the most of it. We all need a bit of fresh air to keep us feeling calm in these difficult times. Tune in tomorrow for another tip!

Sunday 29th March:

A tip for this week coming! Start the week with a positive. Get your Mathletics done, do some reading, do a science experiment and write up- whatever it might be, be proud of what you have achieved and keep going!

A message for the children!

Hello everyone,

This one is for the children – so parents, please allow your children to read this post or read it to them.

We hope you have had a good day so far and that you’ve managed to do some learning.

Us teachers wanted to remind you that if you go onto Joe Wick’s (the body coach) YouTube channel every day at 9am from Monday to Friday, you can follow an exercise video. I had a go at this myself this morning (Miss McEvilly typing here!) and it was really tiring but it got me going! They say that exercise releases endorphins which help you to feel energised so this is a great way to start your day!

Finally, remember that as daunting and scary as this may seem, this situation is only temporary. Before you know it, we will all be back to normal. To help you feel more relaxed, try some light exercise or yoga- trust me, it will help to relax you. Have a bubble bath or just go outside and get some fresh air- whilst still maintaining distance between you and anyone outside your family. If you do go out with your family, don’t go on any play equipment as these will be sadly riddled with germs.

Remember- we are still your teachers, we are still here and we will be eager to see you again when we all get back to normal. Don’t forget to do your maths, writing and reading every day and to keep active! (Miss Gomez will want to know that you’ve mastered your times tables by the time you get back- you better start practising!).

One of us will update this blog fairly regularly so make sure you keep an eye out!

Stay healthy and happy and keep washing your hands for 20 seconds!

The Year 4 team 🙂 (Picture in case you’ve gotten who we are! ♥ ↓)

Web links to access during school closure

Dear parents and guardians,

Whilst your child is off school, please see the links and ideas below to help them to continue their learning at home. Please be aware that most of these websites provide free learning for children, however, some of them require you to set up a free account first.



















PE: www.gonoodle.com
Please go to Youtube to access Live PE sessions at 9am from Monday to Friday- look up Joe Wicks- The Body Coach @thebodycoach

This blog will be updated regularly with new links so please do check in. Continue to read as normal and look after yourselves.

Best wishes,

The Year 4 Team.